Ice River November batch?

Hello All!
I’m looking to gather some information. Have any of you ordered any of the kaspa miners from the November release from the site or even a third party and not received it yet?

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I can’t find anything currently

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Got mine ordered and is eta this week


Where did you find one ?

I have 3 suppliers on telegram that been reliable I can share if interested or sell you my KS3M when it gets in whatever you feel comfortable with

My bad for the misunderstanding, I can’t afford a ks3 I’m
More of a ks0 pro guy. Trying to get my foot in the door. Again

What’s your budget? I have one I can sell and ship out as soon as tomorrow To you if interested

I got 3 kS0-Pro from 3 places.
Apexto shipped and delivered
NHash - shipped but still in China.
A web contact in China - supposed to be shipping today.

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I’ll be selling my ks0 if interested

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