Iceriver KS3M please help

Hey guys Im thinking about getting a KS3M, Should I do it? or is it to late?


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Hey mate, give this a read Kaspa Hashrate Patterns - #21 by Mahakmar

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If you have that kind of cash to spend - maybe wait for the S21 to come out (but be aware of the halvings impact on that).
Or maybe wait to see if Jasminer really do come out with a Scrypt or BTC miner like Tech Hustler seems to think will happen. Jasminers are generally very efficient.
Pretty much anything other than Kaspa. Hashrate looks to be about 22Ph out there now and most of the things I looked at indicated it likley should hit about 45Ph before it slows down. Add that to the monthly reward drop and it’s not something I would be doing.