I'd like to get into mining, need advice and direction

I have 10 solar panels, 535 W each and intend to get more.
I don’t know if I should do the asic mining or if I should. Focus on GPU mining and dont know if i should focus on kaspa or a mix. i would like someone to help me straiten out the mess in my head. trying to learn all of this its alot when my phone gives me a hard time lol. need a direction and path to follow from start to finish ive been invested in crypto a few years but would like to get more involved now my money isnt as tight thank u for your time reading this

Are there batteries also?
I’ve had some solar about 10 months and the winter yeilds are terrible where I live. Summer is pretty much at rated spec.
Get the most efficent thing you can. My last one was Jasminer X4-Qz as they are very efficent.
BTC miners are cheap right now, but I’m not getting any more as the halving will decimate the rewards well before it ROIs. I’m a bit sick of buying miners to have them become door stops before they can pay for themselves.

Hi, where do you live please? - I was interested in you saying that the winter months provide a terrible yield - I did wonder about this…

I do have solar powered hot water as well. It isn’t too bad in the winter, however, yes, it is better in the summer.

I live in the South of the UK - Southampton


PS - I was interested how you measured the yield of your solar panels? I guess some kind of meter? Could you maybe supply a link or something?


Every location will be different and will also depend on if you’re doing a roof install because of the direction your roof faces. Where I live in the southern hemisphere the best location is north and someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think north hemisphere best facing direction is south. Solar goes through an inverter and pretty well all inverters will log the production information and some will also give a forecast on the next 24-48 hours solar production expected and at X times. For yourself you’d want to talk to a local installer about how much you can expect to yield


I get the stats off the app that it came with. It’s a 13Kw set of panels that have been regularly peaking at 12Kw or more in the NZ Summer.
In winter, there were days it barely got to 1Kw. That’s a raining day with no visable sun, but you will get those in a lot of places, like the UK. It’s not famous for it’s sunshine.

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I wondered if you had a Link to the solar panels you purchased? I am interested in roughly how much they cost etc :slight_smile:

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Not sure if it’s the same in the UK but in Aus the panels themselves are .32 GBP per watt, inverter is a few grand, your best bet is to talk to a local installer especially if there’s government subsidies programs

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Thank you for replying. I was thinking about mining kaspa. I think it’s gonna be the most profitable. And it has the biggest block reward. I think I’m not positive but I’m thinking about doing the gpu mining. I think that might be best. What do you think should I go GPU? Or do you think solar would be enough to run an asic farm or do a combination trying to get another 20 panels that will give me 16,000 wats or 16 kw i beleive thats how it works and im thinking instead of buying the expensive batteries im gonna hook up to the grid and build up credits during the day and then use them at night what do u think your input is very much appreciated i just dont wanna screw myself in the end ya know i wanna buy either an octominer all set up or an asic. for kaspa unless u know a better one to mine

Kaspa is on pumping now, but there is a lot more hashrate comming soon. The upside is some of those asic’s are fairly low power. Go check Seb’s videio on on if it’s too late to get into KAS or not

I couldn’t reccomend GPUs right now.

If I was doing my solar again, I would probably have not got the panels and just stacked the battereis so I can load up on cheap night rate power and use it all day when power costs more here. That might not be a thing where you are.

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Don’t get me wrong I love batteries, but some prices are getting ridiculous for what it offers (which is why I bought at the start of Russia/Ukraine expecting prices to go up, which they did)

For example, a Tesla powerwall which is extremely pricey but is a fan fav (I have one, they are great)
at 13.5kw storage you should expect 4,000 cycles before it goes bust, which means you should be able to discharge 54MW from it. I got mine at $3.2k USD with government subsidies, while my brother got one last year after the discounts ended for $9.5k USD…which means based on the MW it is expected to be 17c USD per kw it stores, while mine is 5.8c usd it stores because I got a fat discount. While I have sitting in a shipping container waiting to be hooked up another LifePO4 set of batteries which is 40kw (30kw useable) which has 3,500 cycles for $7.3k usd for 6.9c usd per kw stored. In the sense of mining its not that great but for household use and expected price hikes it is

However if I were to go again I would look at 20KWH Lithium Battery Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 48V 400AH which is the 6.8c usd range.

Im not saying dont use batteries, I’m just saying take a look at what the batteries offer and make sure the price makes sense for what you want to achieve, because if you get a set of powerwalls at market price just for mining then it will be very expensive.