Ideas on what vosk could upload?

I’m thinking of newcomer style videos to “bring em in”, and maybe some crazy defi projects with crazy apy lol


lol nice idea, but defi degen shouldnt be the first thing people should do :smiley:

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No DeFi. DeFi is for greedy noobs who dream of being on Wall Street.
IMO Vosk should take this time to double down on OG tech like exploring Dex’s that are not mainstream and not ran by the token networks that own and profit the most from them. He has in the past, he taught me. I kind of say all of this due to timing. Not too many new people are coming to crypto after this recent crash. The ones that are, saw it years ago and have been waiting for cheap BTC, so I may not call them “new investors”, they had an eye and a goal already.

Another issue I see with DeFi’s future is PoS, they are cutting miners out. Why would they share profits. Usury always ends up bad, Usury needs Usury to survive. How many DeFi projects has Vosk got behind that have royal screwed the masses? A couple, and I’m sure they bother him.

I understand, most Vosk video are for “introducing new stuff” but going backwards a little to support the current Vosk students is worth it IMO. Down Markets are a great time to refine our craft. And yeah. it’s also a good time to dive into new stuff. There is also a brand new wave of PoW Coins being born right now. I’m sure it’s small time to Vosk and the volumes are pathetic, but this whole new “PoW GPU thing” going on, is kind of directly related to Vosk’s history. He should get involved. Look at BMB Bamboo, go read their intro … tell me that Dev isn’t a Strait Shooter. And yeah it’s cheap, but the dedication to Satoshi means more than a buck.

A video with the title “how secure your crypto investment” would go well I think. A lot of people are scrambling right now to get assets off exchanges. maybe a 2022 re-cap of USB wallets and Desktop Wallets, not cellular devices (none are safe currently, some are but they are Network specific). Then re-cap that re-cap with a run down of CLI and GUI history.

The CLI wallet ties into modern tech in a giant way. Modern Token Networks require CLI’s to file Smart Contracts or to Create LQ pools on chain. Maybe the “CLI in relation to Networks” is a Video of its own, but it would be awesome to see Vosk install a Linux CLI , go onto Cardano, create a NFT token line, upload it and then hypothetically set up a LQ pool for those tokens. So viewers can see a full cycle from creation to Usury based LQ pool gains made from a token or NFT line. Then give the NFT’s away in comment, like he used to give ETH away. (that would cost 9 ADA to create + additional transfer fee’s to give them away, which is - transfer cost + 1 ADA to place the NFT to their wallet).(so If he made 50 NFT’s, all said and done it’d be about 60 ADA once they’ve all been given away) or get real nutty and make a Smart Contract to distribute the NFT’s to the winner’s in 1 Transfer, make it a contest. Anyone can enter and win, but the person who can write the distribution contract get 2X NFT’s prize.

And please know my opinion or comments are no ill reflection of Vosk. I have grand respect for him and his methods. You asked for thoughts and opinions (ideas), that’s my truthful take. At the end of the day, I’ll gladly follow Vosk where ever he leads us.

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How about a video showing an ASIC miner running on solar?

Vosk should run a test to see how much internet speed effects mining performance.

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You’re steroids to my brain. You better follow senpai… :eyes:

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Not a bad idea, test out wifi, ethernet, mobile data

I imagine it would be similar which is funny

Ur sus my man

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appreciate this thread, definitely following along for content suggestions!


im just trying to be realisatic. dont want someone coming in day one and grasping for the 10000000000% apy and then bust lol.

how about some nodes. i know pistol is part of the etho team, and ive been throwing 250mh at it to gain some etho. was planning on making one but i have zero knowledge of setting one up (doesnt have to be etho).

Senpai!! :smiley:

Sounds like a fun experience ngl

I’m too young for that it seems, fill me in on resources i may be interested

bitcoin for base perspective- Running A Full Node - Bitcoin
etho as my example- Installing/Uninstalling Etho Protocol Nodes - Etho Protocol Library
and flux as the hot node in town- Flux Nodes
and basics of what a node is- What Is a Node?

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:bomb::brain: lets go baby @y2kanonomous

Vosk should make a video of ever clip of tails to attract random views when DogeCoin picks up.


Do a deep dive into this mysterious new metaverse that is going to incorporate AR and wireless minning… and its a free airdrop use my link for an extra plot of land Overline | Decentralizing Connectivity

This is super degen i dig it dawg :ok_hand: