Ideas w/o the talent

I have ideas. Unfortunately, I’ve spent most of my life learning music rather than learning code… that said, I GOT THESE IDEAS MAAAAAN.

If Vosk and Crew happen to be in touch with some intelligent programmers that can write smart contracts, I think I have an idea that introduces a new style of dApp, combining liquidity and irrigation to create a synergistic ecosystem.

The problem is, posting certain ideas on public forums leads to an issue of losing the advantage if someone outside the community produces the dApp first. I don’t know how much detail I want to give up front, in fear of interloping thieves capitalizing on the idea, and removing the fail-safes.

The problems I’ve been interested in solving within this ecosystem are many.
Fair distribution of funds, decentralizing wallets, incentivized charity, some proof-of-work type mechanic (Work is Stake), incentivized community growth, decentralized liquidity, a fair-launch (no pre-mine or air-drop), and a whale tax/codified thief repellent.

If all of this is possible, I have no clue. As much as I’ve tried to learn to code, or learn solidity, I keep coming to the realization that it’s not exactly something I was meant to do.
If anyone has enough knowledge to provide insight into the possibilities when creating tokens and smart contracts, I’d enjoy the discussion.

Check out Preethi Kasireddy…