If ETH mining is on the way out... what other coins besides BTC are worth mining with a GPU rig?

So I’m totally new to GPU mining. I invested a small but tidy sum of $$$ into a new GPU Rig… and then I saw Vosk’s video on ETH abandoning GPU miners in July… Ugggh!!!

So what does the community advise is a good alternative coin to min with GPU besides bitcoin… (I just don’t have $$$ for a top notch ASIC right now)?

ravencoin is one alternative

It may change from day to day based on coins and prices but you can always check whattimine.com. Right now it looks like VertCOIN (VTC) would be the way to go and that Ravencoin(RVN) has dropped.

@PlanetKing as @rrsdove said above, put your rig details in to What to Mine and it will give you an idea of what’s the most profitable at any particular time. While Ethereum has been far and away the most profitable GPU mineable coin for over a year now, as you mention it will change.

My advice though is read up a bit more on the Eth2 plan so that you don’t lose out on mining it until the very end. There are lots of resources but this one talks about the recent Berlin Hard Fork and the upcoming London Hard Fork https://academy.ivanontech.com/blog/the-ultimate-guide-to-the-ethereum-berlin-hard-fork-and-london-hard-fork

The current plan is to implement the Ethereum London Hard Fork in July (not stop the POW process) so make sure you understand the difference. From what I can gather, this will make Eth less profitable than it currently is (with most estimates at about 30% less profitable) but it will still be able to be mined for many months yet (or maybe years).

The plan is to transfer from POW to POS early next year, but you only have to look at the history of the Eth development to notice that they have never yet met an estimated implementation timeline.

So, after the July hard fork (if it even happens on time) make sure that you compare your earnings pre- and post- implementation and see how much difference that makes to your profitability. Also, visit whattomine.com and re-evaluate your rig’s performance, although I’m not sure how long it will take for the data on the site to reflect reduced profitability after the hard fork (it might be immediate or it might take some time for the changes to flow through).

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I am actually waiting for the ETH switch. I am hoping that a bunch of GPU miners will start dumping GPUs and making them affordable again.

Same, lol, be a great time to build gaming rigs :smiley:

After July, I think the collective mass will move their hashpower off ETH which will keep help keep ETH profitable, even if miners are paid a smaller percentage. Only time will tell.

I think used GPUs will stay overpriced since the miners that will start dumping cards are the ones that poured way too much money into new rigs in the last few months. They are still going to expect that their cards are still worth 2-3x retail used. It will take a while, but used markets will calm down eventually.

But the miners who have been at this for a while and have already ROI’d their rigs are able to weather the storm a lot easier. All we have to worry about in the short term is making more than electricity.

I am fine with looking at he long time miners. I am not looking to grab a bunch of RTX 3K series or Radeon 6K GPUS. I am perfectly fine buying a bunch of RTX 1Ks or 2Ks and AMD 580s or 5K cards. I just don’t want to buy 400-500 for a 30 Mh/s card that I used to pay 150-200 for.