If money wasn't a concern (within reason) what rig to get started?

My friend and I are considering buying 10 mining rigs, but would like to start with one for a few months to get the hang of it first. So if you all were going to get started with one mining computer with the plan to scale up to 10 in a few months, and then possibly more after that, where would you all start?

I’ve been doing a little research but would like a lot of input just to hear some data and opinions. Our kw/cent is 8.8.

Thanks to all for the opinions.

Given the current environment, I’d say a lot depends on the types of cards you’re able to get. I have a 4 card rig I’ve been trying to add another 2-4 cards to for the last two months but can’t find any reasonably priced gpus.

Not to shill my own post, but I put a parts list for the gpu rig I started with here.

Could be helpful.

You might be able to find some preassembled rigs but they’ll likely cost more. Vosk has some good videos on youtube about getting started. So does red panda mining.