If price didn't matter,what rig would you build

What rig set up would you build and what would you mine. I honestly was going the gpu way,but saw the c1 pro and cashed out 1,040 links to pay for. Link went to over $9 a token and I wanted to jump off a bridge. I hate when I derail moving freight trains,I’m wasn’t patient but have had a loss that will make me more patient. I see why people say just buy the coin,that definitely makes more sense when instead of buying asic miners,unless of course its fpga miner(chance to reprogram). I’m goin to church,talk to the man and hope my decisions and patience get better. Lessons learned are gettin exspensive…GLA

for gpu mining is i have some spare money i will buy right now like 100x rx580 nitro.basically is true more better is buy more coins but not miner because example you pay like 5000 for rig it can be you need like 2-3year to return money back even price going you still not get back his money like in 1-2month. with coins is different if you spend like 5000 for some coin like btc it will be possible your investment back double like it happened his year price going up i buy btc when price was 5000 per coin and after i return back 9200, 5000 i keep again waiting maybe it will drop down again and half profit i spend for buy gpu miners and other stuff, btw i have also asic miner in 2years i return about 56% what i spend for it honestly im lost my money because i buy asic not gpu. right im still have asic on begining 1x asic make 11eur per month after short time dropped to 7 after to 5 dropped dropped and right now profit is -80eur so im still have 44% left to return money and is no more profit only one way to get back some money sell asic very very cheap to get back like 10% more or make some way to use free power and continue run any way it will take with free power to get back money around 7month

Free power is the tough one… I’m at $0.07 per kw,which is pretty good. I keep hearing about the rx580,but would rather just invest $40 bucks a month instead of buying,setting up,and maintaining. Unless that coin shows promise and all points to coin going higher,so that you may be mining at a loss now but what you mined may be worth a fortune later down the road. If you mined at a dollar loss today for 10 coins,coins worth .05 usd but then rises to $1, then you actually mined for a profit…that’s what I’m hoping for with HNS… still woulda been better to invest in coin instead of asic miner if that was the case. I sure hope I’m looking at this right… the trials and tribulations of being a nube.

im runing 6xr580 nitro on linux 193.5mhs mining nicehash, rx580 is profitable with 0.17usd per kwh i get between 30-40usd profit, your more less per kwh so yoy earning more