If you do not drink vodka you end up insulting people here

Evidently. people in Ukraine and Russia can not even eat dinner without doing several shots of vodka. I wish I was back in America and could just do cannabises. Anyway, what were we talking about? Ya, Angelina Jolie comes to Ukraine and has to be escorted to safety by here own secrete service team because an air raid siren goes off in L’viv? She should have stayed home. We in Kyiv and L’viv use air raid sirens as white noise machine to go to sleep at night. what a sally! she is no action hero. stay home sally!!! Anyway I am trying to create the grumpy Veteran mining channel, to promote crypto mining i n Ukraine. No, I don’t know what I am doing. Yes I am drunk on vodka. Air raid sirens go of twice a day here and tomorrow we could all die here. But damn it. with or with out the help of the Vosk coin warriors I am going to find a way to use crypto to rebuild Ukraine back better and in a way to promote web 3.0 and believe it or not the government here is ready to embrace it. they just want to know how. Ok, I am going to go pass out now. tomorrow I will probably delete my account after the hate mail I will get. God save Ukraine!

The Grumpy Veteran


id listen. i listen to podcasts all day some days:)

How will you bring back the Kulaks?
Do you think the South Africans will farm in Ukraine?