If you had $4000 what mining setup would you attempt to make and why?

I have been formulating a few setups and would like to attempt to see if there is a “best” setup would be to create. I am currently planning to purchase one miner as I just now paid off all of my current debts. I’m super happy that I have made this feat, though I have a long ways to go. The current circumstance makes my own situation dire, though I don’t talk to many people. I will most likely admitting defeat and get a job in the coming months. I’m pushing myself to see if I can make enough products to make a living from what I have. The journey has been interesting so far! I’m seeing if I can supplement my mining earnings with a minimal effort job. I love working but my last job was ran by people who don’t understand how to leave. Though, I do understand that most people are in that same circumstance, regardless of the job. I love work, but I need it to be worth it personally. I would like this topic to be towards differing possibilities, I would like to see what people can come up with!

Currently I am thinking of just going into a MicroBT Whatsminer M60S BTC Miner, but would prefer a cheaper set up. I also like the idea of diversifying hash rate into different chains. I’ll be back when I have more calculated!

Sorry boys and girls, I just flipped the script on this and am doing something completely different for myself. Going with buying a cheap miner and becoming a wage slave. I get to take a 2 month hiatus from working to attempt to make my own value.

What do you mean by becoming a wage slave?

Kaspa should be a choice