If you had to choose 5 coins to invest 100k in each

Hello. Thank you for your time… I am new to posting on forums and if I am making mistake by posting topics in wrong categories or am talking about or asking about something I should not let Mr know and I apologize in advance. Obviously I am gonna and have done research for 100s of hours going over the best options to invest in. I am always open to listen to others also as everyone looks at things abit different and sometimes will see things that you didn’t see. Thanks again.

These are my top 5 coins, Bitcoin, ethereum, ada, chainlink and vechain.

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I would learn about ISO 20022 and SWIFT. With that in mind, and What Cardano $ADA is doing.
I am looking at ADA, XRP, HBAR, DOT, XLM I might end up with BTC here and an ETH there… but my focus is on these coins above. XLM because it was listed in connection to ISO 20022, but I am not putting much in it, and DOT because it was my first coin I staked, Also, not really pushing its total yet, My first goal was a set number of ADA, I now am working on a set number of XRP, and then HBAR, then I will just send a percent to each, probably in the order listed will be 30/30/10/10/10. I literally am not a finance person, I am a farmer, I suggest looking into ISO 20022, Swift, and then research also each coin.

If I had $100K each? BTC, ETH, ADA, LINK, FLUX (not financial advice)

Long Term approve the above coins

Short Term - Become a Degen and play on DeFi for very good returns

Thanks so much for your 2 cents. I really do appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your 2 cents. I really do appreciate it. Definitely alot of great info and I will definitely take your advice into serious consideration.

If I had $500k to invest on 5 coins I would do Cosmos (ATOM), Tezos (XTZ), Polkadot (DOT), Kusama (KSM) on my Ellipal Titan for cold staking. and I will invest the remaining $100k on USDC on my BlockFi Interest Account… :sunglasses: :money_mouth_face: :dollar: :money_with_wings: :moneybag:

I know this is late but thanks for your response to my post. Much :+1: appreciate d!

BTC, ETH, MATIC, HTC, and maybe MANA.

I suggest watching the NFT market closely. NFT’s literally have the potential to be the future through any digital filing. Most are already being built specifically on the Polygon and Decentraland blockchain. Also BTC and ETH is just a given

I would buy and currently have them.
Nervos CKB

I also like SOLANA and have thought about buying it in the recent pull backs. If it hits 150> I’ll start to open a position. But I wont fomo in.

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Personally I would invest in btc,eth and ltc as safe coins then shib and Saitama. Shib Is at a low price right now and you can easily 2x plus something you could not do with btc eth… Etc at the moment. To 2x btc it would have to go to over $100,000 for 1 btc. Where as shib only has to go to .00006 a coin to 2x your investment.

BTW not financial advice. DYOR.

BTC,ETH, USD coin, LTC,ADA but all is not financial advice, but I do recommend entering Real Estate, that’s where I would invest my 500k.