If you had to choose 5 coins to invest 100k in each

Hello. Thank you for your time… I am new to posting on forums and if I am making mistake by posting topics in wrong categories or am talking about or asking about something I should not let Mr know and I apologize in advance. Obviously I am gonna and have done research for 100s of hours going over the best options to invest in. I am always open to listen to others also as everyone looks at things abit different and sometimes will see things that you didn’t see. Thanks again.

These are my top 5 coins, Bitcoin, ethereum, ada, chainlink and vechain.

I would learn about ISO 20022 and SWIFT. With that in mind, and What Cardano $ADA is doing.
I am looking at ADA, XRP, HBAR, DOT, XLM I might end up with BTC here and an ETH there… but my focus is on these coins above. XLM because it was listed in connection to ISO 20022, but I am not putting much in it, and DOT because it was my first coin I staked, Also, not really pushing its total yet, My first goal was a set number of ADA, I now am working on a set number of XRP, and then HBAR, then I will just send a percent to each, probably in the order listed will be 30/30/10/10/10. I literally am not a finance person, I am a farmer, I suggest looking into ISO 20022, Swift, and then research also each coin.

If I had $100K each? BTC, ETH, ADA, LINK, FLUX (not financial advice)

Long Term approve the above coins

Short Term - Become a Degen and play on DeFi for very good returns

Thanks so much for your 2 cents. I really do appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your 2 cents. I really do appreciate it. Definitely alot of great info and I will definitely take your advice into serious consideration.

If I had $500k to invest on 5 coins I would do Cosmos (ATOM), Tezos (XTZ), Polkadot (DOT), Kusama (KSM) on my Ellipal Titan for cold staking. and I will invest the remaining $100k on USDC on my BlockFi Interest Account… :sunglasses: :money_mouth_face: :dollar: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: