If you were new to mining and had a budget of $5,000 how would you use it?

Okay, so, I was going to build a rig, but as all of you know easier said than done as the cards are always sold out or over MSRP. I know there are some hardware watching services to catch cards when they’re in stock and I’m going to check those out once I figure out the names of them again. Without getting too much into detail it’s really critical that I pull this off. I understand that nothing is certain, but mining seems the most certain of the different avenues I’ve considered. I’m handy with IT and other tools. Having some passive income coming in is going to literally transform my life for the better as it will allow me to focus on getting my OSCP certification among other even more important personal things. Any solid advice put here is going to directly translate to transforming my life for the better. I’ve done a lot of reading, but nothing makes up for the experience of people in the trenches of the field.

I think GPU is still the most efficient, but I could very well be wrong. I’m open to any suggestions of smart uses for the budget that involve mining. I’d maybe be interested in hearing other ideas crypto-related passive-income streams, but mining is what I’ve been reading about most.

Thank you!!

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