I'm Buying these Cryptos Vosk

I’m buying these for long term :slightly_smiling_face:

Doge: D8HKu2j7bPgjEeg9oVuv3J5g42zkwqkWxd

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Judging by your handle, You like to live dangerously. But tokens… isn’t that a lil too dangerous?
I can’t actually see the fine print in your picture, so all I see is LUNC CRO and Shib , and then Flux.

So let me just ask you. Where does the value for those tokens come from. They are not a NYSE stock. No company is behind them basing value on performance. Each is Usury based. So users get taxed and operators get paid with that tax. So it’s a lose lose situation. Bitcoin was created to fight Usury and fake value of over-printed assets.

So how do you expect to profit? Will you be the 1 lucky person who traded at the exact right time? The 1 who gains as millions loose?

When you talk about Tokens, 'until they faze out fiat" this is not how fiat or money works. Bitcoin as in Coins are created by random people and hold the value they invested to create the Coin. Tokens are valueless until value is placed on them. But held by who…? what banks and police are in crypto to keep your investment safe and protected?

Maybe I just think those 4 tokens are about the worst tokens on the list, I do. But I strongly push on you the idea of coins and miner given value. This is Vosk and we are miners. I trade and own tokens also, so I’m only preaching from the choir. But Coins and Tokens are night and day. Coins you can have some faith in, Tokens are fly by night scams. And not every token, nor every coin.

Each investor has their own thoughts and methods, and highly likely I’m not going to flip or change a person in a 1 comment thread, So I would like to ask you a good hypothetical question.

-If instead of Tokens (of any kind), you put all the value in your crypto assets behind Bitcoin only. Do you think you would end up with more $value$ come next BTC halving. All crypto is based on BTC value, not fiat/dollar value. Any random crypto is worth X amount of Satoshi’s which have Y amount of dollar value. No Token is worth X amount of dollars, if anything they are worth X amount of stable tokens which equate to X amount of Dollars, But BTC/Satoshi value is king, just like gold is to fiat.

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