I'm convinced Yellen is some sort of demon


….ok, lol

Stable coins are for speculators ! They are the downfall for the real crypto’s. It’s just like the credit default swabs of 2008. Of course they are going to be used to ram through legislation that no one wants.
And yes, she’s the queen of inflation ! f*_ing blood suckers.
Why can’t they just leave the people alone ? Why do they always feel the need to screw around with peoples lives and livelihoods ? I just don’t get it. They must be the most insecure morons around. Grow the f*_ck up !

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Don’t you know? The government is just protecting you from yourself. They have your best interests at heart . . . blah, blah, blah.

Basically, we’re the little people and too stupid to make our own decisions and be responsible for ourselves. Yet apparently “smart” enough to navigate through thousands of pages of tax code

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Ohhhh I’m convinced this is all CIA….terra luna plus yellen

blook sucker is right

she’s a demon