I'm EARNING $50+ A DAY in passive income with a SILENT COMPUTER? Helium HNT hotspot mining profits!

I am earning incredible passive income with cryptocurrency mining a new coin called Helium HNT with their silent hotspot mining rig that runs off my WiFi and uses almost NO electricity?!
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Helium HNT hotspot mining is the BEST investment in cryptocurrency right now because these Helium HNT mining rigs are very cheap, they use ~$1 of electricity a month, and you don’t need an ethernet cable, they can be setup on your WiFi?! Helium HNT mining profitability is insane if you live in an urban area, and especially if you have some other Helium hotspot miners around you. I have two Helium hotspot mining rigs, and my Helium HNT miner in suburban Northern Virginia is earning over $50 a day and consistently earns between $30 and $70 dollars right now and my original Helium hotspot mining rig earns ~$5 a day in a semi-suburban area, but no Helium HNT hotspot miners in the area it has connected to. You should only install one Helium HNT hotspot miner per house, and it’s ideal for the miners to be 1-10 miles apart for maximum Helium mining profitability!

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00:00 These micro computer mining devices make over $50 per day!
02:13 How do Helium miners work? What coin do they mine?
03:53 The Helium HNT Blockchain will have staking soon!
04:45 Where can I buy or sell Helium HNT tokens?
05:21 How much money can I make with Helium hotspot miners?
06:34 Best Helium Miner Option #1 - Nebra
07:48 Best Helium Miner Option #2 - Bobcat IOT
08:42 Best HNT Miner Option #3 - RAK
09:40 Best Helium Mining rig Option #4 SP NA x SynchroB.it
10:36 How to set up your Helium HNT miner for best profits
11:40 Helium HNT Distribution & Tokenomics
13:01 Ge $25 for FREE with CryptoCom!
13:48 Be careful of FOMO and scammers selling these hotspot miners
14:30 How much I’m making with my Helium hotspot miners
15:43 Join the community and get connected with other miners!
16:19 MXC IoT M2 Pro miners a Helium HNT competitor
17:55 Helium HNT Hotspot Mining review 2021

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Helium HNT hotspot mining profitability

true techap this company can u please check if it’s legit or scam i want 4 HNT miner’s for India , please help im planning to put all my savings in it, im sorry on my mobile phone rn , im sorry if i posted this on a wrong place . I have been watching you videos day and night even made a rig of 3 1660super and a 3060ti they are earning and i have some cash left on me im planning to go all out , plz help .