I'm looking for hosting in Canada

I’m looking for a hosting company, preferably in Canada and one that is accepting new clients. I’ve searched Google and Reddit, I emailed approximately 10 places. None have any hosting available in the foreseeable future or they want large clients, not just 1 machine.

I’m using a Goldshell Ck5.

Thanks for your time.

Have you checked Compass Mining? They have co-hosting facilities in Canada.

I did. I deleted the email they sent but if I remember, they were only accepting Bitcoin miners. I have a ck5/ckb miner. I’ll edit my original post.

I am looking for the same thing. I want to host 1 of my machines. All places I have contacted are currently at their maximum capacity.

So I got a reply back from cryptohosting.ca. they want 380 per month plus 100 setup fee. I’m on a waitlist for d-central.tech which starts in March.

Just out if curiosity, What kind of miner do you have?

I have a Canan Avalon 1246 85Th

Duke, what is your electricity rate per Kw/h? I have a collection of older ASIC miners (Canaan Avalon 1066, L3+) and one RTX 3090 GPU in a Dell Alien R11 computer that run in my garage. My electricity rate is 12 cents per Kw/h, certainly not the best but still quite profitable. Had to install a 120 amp sub panel to run these machines on 230v but cost was a reasonable $1K. Really heats my garage for the winter. 14 degrees F outside and 72 degrees in the garage with no insulation. Summer will be another thing but think I have an inexpensive solution.

My electricity is 11c kW, I got a quote for approximately $950. I don’t have a garage but my basement is always cold, summer and winter.

I do have a pool heater that won’t be used for the next 5 months. It’s on a 240v, 20 amp circuit that I can use. I can wire a new plug myself. My only concern is sound.

Definitely a newbie mistake. I assumed that having it hosted would be way easier.