I'm looking to get into mining

Hi everyone, I’m currently debating on whether or not I should spend some money and build my own mining rig. I have a few questions below and it would be awesome if someone can help me out… (i’m a noobie!)

1.) …with an electricity rate of around 16¢/kWh is this still profitable / worth it in 2020 and or upcoming years. My goal is to basically break even within a year for whatever GPU / components I choose and then to continue mining after that, is this possible?

2.) Currently have an EVGA GTX 1060 6GB that can mine ETH at 20.5 Mh/s, should I try and get the RTX 3070 which will be like 500$, or should I look for another GPU / multiple cheaper GPU’s for example 2-3 1660’s / etc. Basically, what GPU(s) is worth getting to mine? I saw how popular RX 580/570’s were, but I honestly don’t know what to go for.

3.) If I have the rig setup and running 24/7, will it take lots of maintenance? I basically want to be able to get on with my day while the rig mines, focusing on school and other things, but of course at least checking in often. + cleaning it once a month.

If any of you need to know my budget, I honestly don’t know… 0-600$? I might start off small (ex. one less expensive gpu), but I just want to make sure I don’t make any decisions that I will regret in the future.

Thank you to anyone who helps!

First of all you can find some calculators like the following to help you with if it is profitable.




You are definitely high for electric costs.

Your 1060 can mine ETH. ETH can be mined with a 4gb card but those days are number. Approximately December you will need 8 go cards.

You can get MSI 570’s for around $150. Make sure you buy 8gb. These cards are capable of getting 30 Mh/s each, I run 13 on each rig and each rig pulls about 390 Mh/s.

Your two 1660’s will do about $2 a day profit above your cost of electric with zcoin according to whattomine.com

Play with the calculators and figure out your ROI so you can make an educated decision.

Best of luck!

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Yes, you can earn a profit but 2/3 of your earnings will go to electricity expenses. Look for high performing cards that consume low power.

AMD will produce 6000 series video cards by years end. They are rumored to have low power consumption. Add that to a low Price and high hashrate and there may be a few surprises there.

You’ll do best having the highest hashrate/watt. The rtx3080 will have triple the hashrate of a 2080TI, but the power consumption will be high. I would wait to see what AMD can offer.

Thank you for the reply. Regarding the 570’s, would the XFX Radeon one’s be good?

…or should I try and go for 580’s?

Thank you for the reply, I checked my estimated electricity expenses and they are about 2/5, so I would still make a bit over half. I am leaning towards more cheaper gpu’s that can achieve high hashrate at low power. I just don’t know what to decide inbetween -> 570,580, 1660? or should I look at anything else?

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I got these, and I’m getting 30 Mh/s.

8 gb and Samsung memory!

580’s only get 30 as well maybe 31 not worth the extra money.

I bought a couple of them :slight_smile: :grin: 104 to be exact.

That is insane, LOL. Well i’ve spend all night yesterday researching and I think I might try and do one single gpu rig with the 5700XT turbo sapphire 440$, with around 52 hash and 94 watts undervolt for it? I have an RTX 2070 super so I was thinking I can try and have two single gpu rigs and if I break even I can re-invest and get another gpu along with the 5700XT rig or with my rtx 2070 rig. I’m really impressed by the 5700XT, the performance out of it is insane especially with the undervolt potential. I have a 450-500 power supply from my old dell pc lol, which I think will be fine since I’ll just have the 5700XT by itself along with the 90ish watts that will come from the motherboard and all the other parts making it 200-250 watts. So as I said earlier, with the amount I make from that I will hopefully be able to choose another gpu to go along with either rig, and by then the 3000’s / new amd gpu’s will have been tested for mining already so I will have all the info I need :smiley:

It gets you mining and that 5700 you should be able to get 60 or close to it! I was thinking of doing them but it would have been 70k vs 32k worth of video cards. Maybe once things are paid off I’ll go for the 5700’s.

The 104 is just the first part we will need another 130. We are putting together 20 rigs with 13 cards each.

Yep, I think I’m going to do it using the 5700XT. Do you have any idea which 5700XT I should go for? I’m looking towards saphire ones, but idk if I should go for another version such as powercolor…

…and the idea of having 20 rigs, WOW LOL what electricity rates do you have over there to be pulling such numbers!? your city most love you! :open_mouth:

powercolor is good. nitros are good
stay away from asus tuf. and the msi . the memory temps are horrible.

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Yep, it’s just that the nitros cost 40$ more and I don’t know if it is worth that jump. Can you replace the fans easily on both?

Oh wow there is a 100$ price difference… worth it?



.079 off peak and .11 cents on peak which is 5 hours Monday - Friday. Once we max out and hope we can be successful, we will go to Washington, industrial rates are like .05. We are estimating about 1500-2000 a month in electric.

I would check coal, and red panda and some other you tubers. I think I seen some write ups on the 5700xt’s. I just know someone I think red panda was getting 60 Mh/s with one.