I'm new. I need help with Asic PSU reccomendations. [NOOB]

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Im new to the mining world. Im scooping up cheap asics while theyre down right now. I want to buy a good asic psu because I heard the power bricks that come with these are sketchy and could burn my house down. I have 1 KD box pro, and want to get another bc the prices just dropped by 300 bucks… So I want one that will power a few KD BOX Pros at a time that will plug into a normal USA outlet. I dont have a 220 or 240v outlet. Just normal USA wall outlets. The KD BOX pros are low wattage (300w) so wont overload a single outlet / circuit from what I understand. 4 of them at 300w wont overload a circuit in my garage that isnt being used much.

So how the heck do I navigate the PSU world? I want a single PSU that will power 2 to 4 boxs. The cord that goes into this thing has 4 female pins. So what do I search? When I search asic psu only asic miners show up.

As I was making this post, I found this:

Should I go with this? If not please help me!

Thank you so much!


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one 1200W PSU can power up to 4 kd box pros

you can run a max of 1500W on any given 20A circuit. and If you have a 1200W load, ie 4 KD lights, I would still recommend a 1500W power supply.

even if you only use 1200W the psu will only pull 1200W but have the overhead of an extra 300W, which means lower operating temperatures, better efficiency, and thus lower risk of fire. but It’ll likely cost more.