I'm new in minig need help please

Hello everyone, I don’t know which is the best OS and software for mining, could someone please help me

I have:
SSD 120 GB.
RX 580 8GB

Thank you


Hey man, there’s a beginners guide to Nicehash thread on the forum. Very detailed. It may help you quite nicely.

On my first build I ran on Nicehash until I researched some more.

So for example

I use a thumb drive 16gb flashed with SMOS
I registered on SMOS
Set up the config and miner
Put my e mail in the text file on the thumbdrive (flashed with smos)
And the rest was pretty much history from there.

Bonus about the flash drive set up is you boot and it’s off to the races


NiceHash is good if you have a Coinbase account and are good with being paid in BTC. If you want to mine a specific coin, you would need to get the specific mining software for it. But, if you are just starting out and want to get a rig earning, then just loading up NiceHash on it will typically work.

Get Team Red Miner for Windows and mine it to whatever wallet you have with Ethermine.org That is the easiest way to start out IMO. Just skip nicehash.

I second this

my setup

MOBO: ASUS B250 mining expert
GPU: 2x GTX 1660ti gaming x 1x AMD rx570 gaming x
OC software & mining software: MSI afterburner with T-rex moner for Nvidia gpu’s and AMD radeon software and team red miner for AMD rx570 gpu
PSU: Corsair cx750m for mobo, deep in the mines 1000w power supply
Frame:AAAwave 12gpu open air rack

I run both Nvidia and AMD on the same rig, spent hours last night getting it setup, the older AMD drivers were giving me troubles, so I had to use a newer driver, but its running pretty solid and doesn’t go below 97% valid shares

I went with MinerStat on my first rig running MSOS ona USB3 16GB flashdrive. Was up and running in a flash.