I'm new! Teach me please!

Hello to all! I’m just getting into mining but I’m super geeked for my family’s future. Do you sell used rigs on here? Best way to spend my 1500? (On mining) I do own many coins and have wallets and I understand the swaps for the most part.

Welcome @All_Things_Elevated best advice I have is every evening watch at least 5 videos from @VoskCoin and others on you tube. After that its really just doing your own research and when you get stomped ask an expert on here. Lastly, always use @VoskCoin affiliate links I’m sure he gets some $ from YouTube for the views but this guy is legit making us money. I’d send you $ every month just for what I’ve learned.

IMO $1,500 should go to a KD-BOX asap and start mining to get your feet wet.

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