Im not dumb but mining makes me feel that way

Okay so I’m in no way shape or form dumb when it comes to computers I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and for some reason this new mining project I started is making me pull my hair out. I ran to 3070 s and a 1660 super for almost a month with no issues on a motherboard that was sitting in a computer case in my garage for 10 years. I decided since I wanted more cards I would upgrade to the h110 pro BTC Plus since doing that I have had nothing but issues originally I thought it was the board but then I realized my power distribution wasn’t correct I sorted that out and had the machine running for a good 18 hours before it froze restarted the machine it started mining again wake up this morning and is frozen again Windows it saying it’s a virtual memory issue but I’m running 16 gigs of onboard Ram with paging file set at 8000 to 30000. I’m running the latest drivers I believe 461.something and for the life of me I can’t figure out what to do next ever since I decided to go one more card into my mining system it has been a nightmare currently trying to run 2 3070s, 1 1660 super, and a 2070 oc.