I'm selling the original Skycoin Skyminer ?!

Yes. I want that beer too. Good luck.

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Haha must be a bruery fan.

Hey man. I give you $500 in the crypto of your preference.
I am from Venezuela and love your content!

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Is there a way to direct message Vosk?

My Bid $501!

$50 for the miner

i will do 550$usdc

15 dollars

$40 is my bid

Guys please pay attention and notice the leading bid – this isn’t fun w/ random prices, notice the latest highest offer and only bid if its higher than that

Current bid leader is @superkitty at $550 USDC

I’ll let the auction run for ~5 days, so it terminates September 3rd at ~3 pm EST

Created 3 hours ago and it ends 5 days ago… cool…



I bid $600

5 buckle I’m broke and really need it

20 Canadian dollar McDonalds gift card

$50 for the miner!

im just starting ot…$350 + signed picture of a Drag Queen + pure Canadian Maple Syrup + timmies gift card

$605 for a built by Vosk Rig, undervalued. :+1:

I bid $650 :slight_smile:

It’s not a finished build but you are the leading bidder currently

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Correction @iScripted is the leading bidder!