I'm selling the original Skycoin Skyminer ?!

VoskCoin received the original and first Skycoin Skyminer

Auction is simple, cryptocurrency only, priced in $ but BTC/ETH/USDC are accepted

Watch the full video here to learn about this crazy crypto mining rig

I’ll let the auction run for ~5 days, so it terminates September 3rd at ~3 pm EST


$5 for the miner.

I will give you 50 buckaroos

$1 Bob, $1

Leading offer right now at $5 for the miner :rofl:

51 freedom bucks

6 dollars

When is this auction going to end


Will you completely disassemble if the winner requests? I like the assembly process as it helps me get more familiar with the build.

Its a part of History and look alsome. $250

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Hi Vosk, When this auction will end?

$275 dollars

OK $300 dollars

$350 dollars

ok you got me good luck brother.

$10.67, an expired beer, and I’ll put you in my MySpace Top 8.

400$ :smiley: pretty sure someone will outbid, but anyway, let’s try!

I was waiting. How about $420.69

$450.00 plus a 2010 burbon barrel aged limited edition official Bruery beer 14.5%abv


Are you really.?