This is the CRAZIEST Mining Rig

I am always searching for new ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrency and mining crypto coins is incredibly profitable than helps me make more money, let’s review this CRAZY mining rig! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Mining cryptocurrencies is easy but some cryptocurrency projects are just simply WEIRD! This is a crazy mining rig, and depending on when you got it, how much you paid for it, and when you sell your mined coins it could be super profitable but Skycoin has an interesting past and people seem to love and hate the project. Skycoin has been accused of pumping, dumping, shilling, and a bunch of other bad things – I’m not here to FOMO or FUD this project but we will be reviewing the Skycoin Skyminer one of the most INTERESTING and CRAZY crypto miners ever – especially for its time. The Skycoin Skyminer is the closest thing to a competitor and really original Helium hotspot mining rig. Let’s review the Skycoin Skyminer and how John Mcafee had Skycoin tattooed on his body?!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Reviewing this crazy crypto mining rig
01:31 Building a Skycoin Skyminer like a GPU miner
02:35 Skycoin the original Helium HNT coin??
03:37 Asic resistant but not GPU mining
05:09 John Mcafee Skycoin investor and shiller
06:49 Where to buy the first Skycoin Skyminer
07:44 YesorNo crypto
09:34 Speculative mining, profitability and costs
11:55 What it’s like being a Crypto YouTuber
14:49 Skycoin crypto review and Skymining profitability worth it?

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Skycoin Skyminer Helium competitor? review crazy mining rig