I'm thinking of getting another home miner? Ideas please :-)

I’m thinking of getting another home miner… maybe an iceriver KS0… I wonder what people thought of these, particularly in the UK?

A brave choice with all the others arriving.
I got another ipollo g1 mini last week. Noisier, but there isn’t an avalanche of hash turning up on grin or mwc any time soon. Also the cheapest box about.
If was to go for something else, it would have been one of the V1 ipollos, if i wanted the up front cost to be low, or Jasminer x4-qz or x16Q if i had more up front cash. Those are very quiet and still efficent.


Yes, I have a couple of Ipollo G1 Mini miners, pretty much my first ASICS :wink:

I currently have an Ipollo V1 Mini 300M atm and I am pleased with it’s performance - I am considering the Ipollo V1 330M :wink:

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It depends. What is your electric rate.

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Solar panels mainly - UK.

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How many watts are you looking to use, or how much does your set up create?

would need to be the surplus of the solar panels if that what he’s primarily using, right?

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Think the best way to find out what suits you is
1: does your inverter log how much solar you produce? Like my inverter (Fronius) is connected to an app that tells me how much solar I produce per day, week, month, year. If you’re in the UK I’m assuming your solar production is going to start trending down into Autumn and winter in a few months. If you can look at your monthly production over the next few months from previous years it’ll give you a good idea of how much power you can run whether you want to have a $0 bill or find a good balance between having a fair bill for best bang for buck

2: Do you get solar feed in tarrifs? If so what price?
3: what’s your power price per kw? Is it flat rate or do you get off peak/peak?

Just to give you an idea, at the moment I’m running 10kw worth of power for miners. However I cannot run that 24/7. I get 3 rates, my peak is 29c usd/off peak 16.5c, shoulder 5.5c usd. The shoulder is 12am-6am, off peak 9.30am-2.30pm and the rest is peak. I run my miners, 3 X low power mode S19s from 12am-6am, they turn off until 9am and run until 3pm. My L7 runs from 12am until 3pm. I can keep my L7 running because I have it on battery backup, my Tesla charges itself overnight on 5.5c rates. Between 9am-3pm I average 7kw of solar (spring here with summer in dec) so because I’m running 10kw but I’m only paying 4.95c/kw because I’m spending 49.5c for 10kw of power, because I have to buy 3kw of power. I could turn one off and run it for free but I think having adding it up as a whole and paying that rate is worth running another. So I only run mine for 12 hours a day but it’s a decent price. But I can’t do that in late autumn/winter as I don’t produce much solar.

And I can run mine for the half hour before/after off peak starts because I have battery backup

Hopefully that’ll give you an idea. Hopefully you get good enough solar feed in tarrifs to run what ever you want 24/7, if you answer those questions then everyone here will be able to have a good idea and find what suits you best