I'm Trying to EARN MONEY with DeFi -- Here's How!

I’m trying to earn money and passive income with cryptocurrency using decentralized finance applications, called DApps. My crytpo coins are earning interest, I’m yield farming, and a liquidity provider! Sub to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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Here’s how I am trying to earn passive income with cryptocurrency using DeFi! DeFi is decentralized finance, some people call it open finance, basically a lot of DApps or decentralized applications that use smart-contracts allow you to earn interest on your coins, lend them, yield farm, and liquidity mine to try and earn more coins and thus… earn money with your crypto! DeFi is a ton of fun, but it is certainly a risky sector of a cryptocurrency, which is already high risk and high returns! DeFi has made some people millionaires this year, and I’m just trying to become a thousandaire with it lol – anyway here’s some DeFi stuff I am playing around with trying to earn some big crypto returns!

Metamask the best Ethereum wallet for DeFi! http://voskco.in/metamask
Uniswap the decentralized exchange powering ETH DeFi - http://voskco.in/uniswap
Debank Ethereum DeFi wallet tracker - http://voskco.in/debank0
YFDAI new DeFi staking and yield farming platform - http://voskco.in/yfdai
Pickle Finance w/ staking and yield farming DeFi - http://voskco.in/pckl
Crossfin CRP DeFi staking and farming on Binance Smart Chain - http://voskco.in/crossfin
Yearn Finance a staking to earn interest DeFi DApp - http://voskco.in/yfi
Generation Finance YGEM a new Yearn Finance fork - http://voskco.in/ygem
Velotoken VLO a velocity DeFi experiment - http://voskco.in/velo
Compound Finance lending and borrowing DeFi - http://voskco.in/comp

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