Immersive cooling

What are the main barriers to immersive cooling? It seems to me that it is the only way long-term mining is feasible.
Air cooled units start failing after a year. Liquid cooled unit don’t seem to fail at all


I am interested in this as well. I have a mini farm, that is growing, and could grow much more. Our largest barrier is heat. All the options for liquid cooling I have seen look very expensive. Being able to mount one large radiator is very appealing though.

I was going to use it on a small scale, however i found some extreme radiators to do the job with water cooling.
You will need a pump ( like the ones used in solar recycle loop of solar hot water) and a plate heat exchange and some radiators, probably from a motorbike, depends how large you are talking.
Use Novec 3000 in a large tank and water and glycol in the loop on the other side of the heat exchange, 2 stage cooling. That should do it

I have not even seen this style before. It boils the coolant and the coolant evaporates and is condensed on a radiator. Very interesting.

Looks like Novec 3000 is not commercially available. They list Novec 649 as an immersive cooling liquid. It has an ideal boiling point.

Also, from some quick numbers I found, 55gal of Novec 649 woulc cost around $20,000 US. I could easily see a larger operation using that much. At $360/gal it is very expensive. You can get low purity chinese knock offs. These prices are from a 2014 CERN paper on its suitability to replace fluorocarbon coolants currently in use.

As far as i know, Novec is available to public and it comes in multiple variants with different boiling points.
Big thing is it wont coat the cards in an oily film if you remove them from the solution.
How much equipment do you want to cool?

Immersion is a long term play. The most expensive is the complete immersion system. When you use immersion you will save on the power costs and to increase your hashrate. 30 to 40% more hashrate and about a 20% savings in power. You also use less equipment thus lowering your cost for equipment. Break even on the immersion is 6 to 9 months. This is based on the additional cost compared red to an air cooled system and utilizing the money made from the additional hash power and energy savings to pay for it. After the halving this time for payback will increase.

I am building a user friendly set up that I can sell at an affordable price.

I am testing a prototype all-in-one system that will be very cheap compared to what is available now. It is modular for easy install and repairs. It will be very easy to set up as well. No plumber required

@hashmonk care to elaborate? I am strongly considering an immersion system. I wanted to try the Novec but it is cost prohibitive. I have settled on Engineered Fluids ElectroCool, but am open to any possibility. I wanted to put them all in one tank to simplify plumbing and pumping. What is the recommended spacing for graphics cards in an immersion system?

So I am stuck on the prohibitive price of the dielectric material. Mineral oil is affordable, but has low compatibility. Purpose manufactured dielectrics come with guarantees and high compatibility, but at a price that makes them unfeasible. 69$ / 5 gal mineral 340$/ 5 gal. Is there a middle ground? 100$ or so product? I was going to spend a decent chunk of money upgrading cooling, so I would be willing to spend a little more for a more efficient immersion system. I am confident I could build the system for about the same price as I was going to invest in cooling, but the fluid is an add on. Any advice? the 340$ is Electrocool EC-100. They have other product lines but dont recommend them for GPU’s.

Engineered fluids is prolly your best bet. I found out if your immersing an asic miner then your gonna need more then one,prolly like 3 at least to keep cool. Finding the right tank for 5 gallons is next thing in which case your going to need more then 5 gallons and that’s double the cost. I currently looking for a better way. The bonus for immersion is longer life of miner. I would try to stay away from immersion,tank gets real hot and bad thing is once you go immersion your committed to immersion and the xtra costs. I’m starting to look up other ways to silence my miners,the ice chest looks promising.

Forgot,engineered fluids is like $185 for 5 gallons and ship cost like $40 more .

Check out this Reddit post. Lots of good info on setting up your own immersion tank. I like Gary’s explanation regarding components for small tank setups.

Hey all, I’ve been looking to do an immersion cooling setup myself. Being residential I didn’t want an open tank design and went got a quote for DCX. All in, with their fluid (25L ThermaSafe R) and the Enclosure + Dry Cooler w/shipping was 5600. That unit would hold (8) S19s or (10) Z15s.

I’ve seen a few closed loop systems on youtube made out small rads and colman watercoolers which seems a little too cheap. Im curious, has anyone done a closed loop system here similar to DCX only on a smaller 1-4 miner scale? Pumps, storage, rad etc?

Link below for DCX:

I’ve seen this setup,but unless it has refrigerated radiator,I don’t believe it will cool double tall units(forgive me,I don’t know the terms for single or double units/miners). I immersed a c1 pro and it got so hot the unit rose above 60 degrees celcius(I believe) and began to shut its self down. Single tall may work. Going to retest on a H1 unit after I test to make sure it runs as shown in previous test supplied by seller.


Did this thing ever work out? Curious on how it was sized, the rad, fan etc. Let us know!