Import duty on miners

Is there any way around import duty tax? I bought a KD MAX and I got slammed with 26% import tax.

There is no honest way I know of.
But the people that sell them ask you what you want the declared value to be for a reason. I can’t recommend having a low declared value. It could bite you if you are told to prove that was the paid amount and could result in the unit being conficated. I guess it depends on where you live and what the rules are.

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Not unless you are buying from a supplier who will ask you what you wish to declare on the paperwork.

It’s never best to declare it too low as I think it will draw attention to the package and it will be examined and you will pay the full cost. I don’t know if you will be fined also if it’s value is under valued.

US customs and border protection website says they can fine me and or confiscate my package for not putting fair value of parcel.

It’s up to you if you wish to take the chance.