Import Tax Duty from UK to USA

Hi Guys,

Looking to ship my miners to the USA from the UK to a mining farm. Does anyone know about import tax and how I can calculate what I’m expected to pay ?

Thank you !

You’ll pay 6.5% of whatever value you put on the commercial invoice. :v:t3:

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We usually use a low declaration value method to help our clients avoid high duty. make invoice and wrote there are mini server and declare value 150 USD/pcs.

Great Thanks Robert.

Thanks Eric, I’ll see how I can do this with the shipper.

Do know what ever you declare is what u get if it’s lost so if u declare 150 on a 10k asic it gets lost you only get 150 and out the 10k

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I did wonder. Even if insured at the correct value ? The insured sum and the declared sum are the same ?

as i think , ship by DHL is safe.
the insure very expensive,we never buy it) :joy:

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My customs broker said it was 20%. Advice. Talk to a broker at UPS or fedex before shipping. They can accurately tell you what the costs will be.

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Had a bill for £10k. I’m disputing it as the online calculator said it would be £1.1k (Import Duty Calculator - SimplyDuty)

Are you in the UK? I’ve ordered a KD6, and I’ve been thinking I might have to pay a fortune in import duty from China, that’s if they they don’t doct the import documents :man_shrugging:
I did the calculations in the link above.

Yes I’m in the UK. Did you find out the HS Code for the miner ? Bitmain’s are here:

Use this code in the calculator. I bought mine from how are uk based and include the import tax on prices.

No, I have no idea what that code even is? I did enquire about the asic at coinmining Central, but ended up going with a company in the states, who ship directly from China to the customer.

BTW, I paid around £36k for the miner, but I asked them if they could reduce the value on the paperwork, for import reasons. I am going to declare my mining as a business, so I don’t know if that will bite me on the arse later when I have to do my taxes? I still end up paying tax either way I suppose.

You can reduce the value but if it goes missing then you won’t be able to claim the actual amount on insurance. For me that was simply not worth the risk.

In one thread on this subject there was a statement that insured value and claimed value are not always the same though good luck with the process if they aren’t I would say. I also want to reiterate what I have said somewhere on the matter insurance protects the sender not the recipient.

Yeah, I’ve thought about that as well, and it would be a real nightmare!
Well I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see what cards I’ve been dealt now.