In need for some advice for future RVN mining rig

Hello everyone, I’m in need of some advice for my future mining rig.

Currently I don’t have the money to make it, but I planned to invest 6500€ (almost 7900$) on a mining rig next year, maybe during April of 2022.
I have some questions on wich gpu I should go with, since logically I want to go with the one that has the best profit/power efficiency ratio.
My objective is not to mine ETH since I kinda fear that the 1559 protocol, so I want to go with Raven coin or Beam. Up until now my preference is with Rravencoin since it wants to be ASIC resistant.
Now, obviously there will be possible changes to the mining algorithm till April 2022, but I still need some advice since I’m still a bit of a newby 4 now.
The only thing I did 4 the moment is simply trading a bit of coins but I still like to enter into mining.
Psa. I live in northern Italy so the prices of electricity go from 0.33€ to 0.15€ depending on the time of the year, but I still have the option to leave my rig at my uncle’s place since he has a special offer and only pays 0.24€ to 0.13€/Kw. Prices are a bit high compared to murica, but I can still do some dodging here and there.

I humbly ask (and trhank) u for ur advice.
I alsowant to leave u this beutiful doge xD. So comfy, so much hug, so cheem.

3060TI if you are going to mine ETH, but 3070 if you are going to mine RVN.

Next year, everything will be different, so ask later when you decide to take the plunge.

AMD GPU’s work great on ETH, but not as well on ALTS otherwise I would recommend some 5700’s 6800’s, etc.

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