Incorrect Share Help

Hi there,

So I started mining a few months back, and everything has been going fairly smoothly up until this point. However, I woke up this morning and my cards were throwing back several incorrect shares. I shut it down, and no matter what I do, like getting rid of the overclocks, have helped. I even checked and none of the cards are throwing memory errors. I am using Minerstat and the cards in question are RX 570 8gb models that I bought when I started mining, so it only been a few months tops. Thanks

Hello @BlazeRider287!

ETC is probably giving incorrect shares because of the mining client, so best that you try different mining clients, such as TeamRedMiner, lolMiner, and NBMiner. You can also adjust your OC and see if that helps.

If you need more help or want us to check your configuration in real time, please join our Discord.

run phoenix miner stock core and mem just adjust core voltage 886 or 890