Increase Bitcoin Profits - Braiins firmware

I just deployed my own immersion mining farm, and I wanted to fine-tune my Bitcoin miners to earn more Bitcoin mining and spend less money on electricity so I started using the Antminer S19 Braiins firmware, here’s what I learned and how much more money I am earning and saving! Start mining yourself today here - Evergreen Miner v2.5 VoskCoin Tails Edition

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Efficiency is king in Bitcoin mining in a bear market, by reducing my electrical waste my electricity bill is lower with a slight decrease in my hashrate and this also allows me to deploy more Bitcoin miners using the tuning capabilities of this miner firmware, its like underclocking and overclocking at the same time and it made mining in immersion fluid easy, thanks to a simple option in the braiins firmware.

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Bitcoin is more difficult than ever!
01:22 Increasing Bitcoin mining and hash-rate and efficiency
02:51 Why use Braiins firmware for BTC mining
04:09 A look at my Bitmain s19J Pro miners running on Braiins
05:19 Tuning the Bitcoin miners for maximum efficiency!
08:03 Bitcoin difficulty keeps climbing!
08:53 Changing the electricity usage on bitcoin miners
10:15 Trying to get to the best W/Th on my BTC miners
16:24 How to turn immersion mode on
17:35 How to change my hashrate and temperature
18:53 Temperature is key for efficiency
20:02 Dynamic power scaling on Braiins
22:43 Disabling faulty hashboards
23:20 Trying to get to my efficiency goals
25:00 Deploy Braiins to the control board or to a sd card?
26:33 Immersion mining and cooling is great
28:06 Making these the most efficient BTC miners possible

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Increase Bitcoin Profits - Braiins firmware

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Amazing how much temperatures affect power consumption. I notice it with the change of season, my air cooled S19 J pro will overclock to 120th @
3500 watts when weather is 12-15 degrees Celsius but when it gets it 25 degree weather it’s doing roughly 4000 watts, and that’s including power used for 2 X 730 cfm fans. Looking forward to more videos on your immersion journey


thanks for the video vosk
works great , do you have spreadsheet for most efficient settings