Increasing My Passive Income with the Most Profitable ASIC Mining Rigs

Increasing My Passive Income with the Most Profitable ASIC Mining Rigs. Let’s review the most profitable mining rigs you can buy right now, and find the best miner for you, specifically related to your electricity cost. SUB!

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I am a full-time cryptocurrency miner, so buying the best mining rigs I can, to earn the most passive income possible, all awhile trying to not waste money on inefficient miners tripling my electricity bill, it’s all quite an endeavor! Today I am reviewing the most profitable ASIC mining rigs, among a few other types of miners like a Chia Evergreen HDD hard drive miner that earn much more money than they burn in electricity. Some of the cryptocurrencies could be huge moonshots and raise a lot in price and uh, some won’t lol, let’s dig into this!

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00:00 I’m increasing my passive income mining cryptocurrencies
01:43 the current profitability with ASIC miners
02:43 Is it profitable to gpu mine in January 2023
02:58 Is it profitable to cpu mine in January 2023
03:16 Hard drive mining, is it profitable?
04:37 How profitable are the top 5 ASIC miners?
06:48 A Dogecoin miner that is super profitable!
07:13 Dash miner in the top 10?
08:20 The Forest miner is profitable again!
10:12 I am working on a review of a Hammer d10 +
11:22 How much could it cost to buy a antminer?
11:50 Kadena could see a spike in difficulty!
13:00 What are the best miners to buy right now?

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Increasing My Passive Income with the Most Profitable ASIC Mining Rigs