Innosilicon G32-500.... SCAM SCAM SCAM Facebook Innosilicon Identity Theft....Beware

Innosilicon is selling the G32-500 and 1800 series secretly. They are selling on a limited basis and minimum order of 5 units. Units can be mismatched. I want 2 maybe 3,I’m looking for 1 person who wants 2 or 2 other people who 1. They want $4500 plus $190 shipped per miner for the G32-500 and like $13,500 for the G32-1800 and they only take Litecoin. They will have a batch shipping out next week,it is first come first serve.
I’m pretty sure we can send them direct payment meaning I’m not asking you to pay me then I pay them,would much rather they take payment from each of us and ship directly to each who purchase.
If you ask me this miner is a no brainer compared to the G1. Only 520 watts,can be shipped with a 110v or 240v psu.( 2 )of these is cheaper and makes more then (1) G1 and electricity costs are 2+ times cheaper.
Kadena just came out with a low electricity,high earn miner for like $4500 plus ship,K1 makes around $45 a day(F2pool popular miners),the g32-500 makes around $90 a day.
With all that being said,who’s with me???
Update,my loan wasn’t approved to buy all 5,with that being said I can only grab 1 of the 5. Does anyone know anything about epic cash?

You do realize these machines are not new, they have been mining in China since mid 2019. These mining farms take out all the juice from the orange leave the pulp resell it back to the manufacturer, and then pass it on to the consumer as new. Why would you pay top dollar for a coin that is not liquid anymore? last year sure, maybe… use it for beam… hmmm but not even they changed their algo in June after the hardfork to Beamhash III

the future of POW is going to be a round robin of algos throughtout the year, so in the new future you will need a Ethhash, Sha 256, Blake 2B, Sha3, Equihash, Cuckoo, x11,
Combo miners are in the works to discard the need for 7 miners to mine different algos.

Yea you can make $40 dollars a day for the first month then its going to drop to 15 then few bucks then cents, once they hit the open market. In a period of no time, because guess what they have the coins already you pump up the price, they sell it off and crash the market. Leaving you with a machine that hasn’t paid its ROI. very risky IMO.

This guy is scamming on Facebook using innosilicon’s name. He has been reported. Every Alibaba seller sayin same thing,No miner available. This was a suicide mission from the start. G1 here I come.

Was just told Ipollo G1 is cancelled…kinda funny that innosilicon,obelisk,and now Ipollo have cancelled all Grin miners…must be making a fortune…as usual. My mining days are over,good luck to yall.