Inside a Liquid Cooled Bitcoin Mine

Dennis walks us through the Immersion Bitcoin mining farm he operates, using liquid cooling allows these Bitcoin miners to mine more BTC per day while using less electricity, and it even helps the ASIC mining rigs last longer! Start mining yourself today here - Evergreen Miner v2.5 VoskCoin Tails Edition

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A Bitcoin mining farm born out of boredom, Aqil teamed up with Dennis Wiltshire and Colby of BMA Enterprises to operate, maintain, and expand his immersion Bitcoin mining farm. DCX created a liquid-cooled Bitcoin mine solution, where their immersion tanks, immersion fluid, and radiator the size of a freaking tractor trailer cools about 500 Bitmain Antminer S19 Bitcoin mining rigs. Drew Vosk goes on a video tour of this BTC immersion mining farm, learning about how they use the miners, braiins OS, Dennis’ custom software monitoring solution, and how they repair BTC miners that break and stop working.

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00:00 Touring a quiet, liquid cooled Bitcoin mine!
01:57 Scaling the Immersion Mining Farm
04:19 Benefits of Immersion Mining
07:19 Overclocking Bitcoin miners!
09:00 Managing Cables
10:30 Power Layout
14:31 Immersion Miner Inspection
16:13 Outdoor Dry-cooling System
21:05 Power Distribution
26:35 Storage & Software Management
32:00 Bitcoin Mining Stats
36:06 ASIC Miner Technician Interview
41:53 Repairing Mining Farm Equipment
44:08 Closing out the mining farm tour

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Inside a Liquid Cooled Bitcoin Mine