Intel announces bitcoin mining initiative bonanza mine chips ship this year

Has anyone seen this article? Any thoughts?


I saw this, see it’s really interesting because we have the S19XP and that hydro version that mines at 198TH coming out soon.

If Intel’s chip is really good then we COULD see yet another powerful miner come out.

The real concern here is the manufacturer’s responses. Before the S19XP was released the hydro version got announced, now with intel releasing a new chip, there might be the urge to just not invest in better miners.

Can we do that? Probably not… we have no idea when the intel based asic miner would actually be released and we want to make sure we’re competitive with the network hash rate…

Though investing in the new S19’s now can mean poor investments if a really powerful intel based machine comes out. So it’s tricky huh? :joy:

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