Interested in Working for VoskCoin ~ I Am!

Hey Vosk,

I have a been watching your channel for a few months and I am impressed. I’m currently in sales for a global silicon manufacturing company full time. I’m looking for a new full time position. How could I help your channel?

I have about twenty years of sales experience. I am excellent at networking and making new connections. I am able to set up meetings for co-labing opportunities. I am able to create opportunities to work with crypto hardware mining companies. I am able to talk to any stranger and have a good conversation with them. I’m able to set up shoots with other YouTubers and other successful people in the Crypto space to get you more great content. I’m able to create interesting emails and mailing lists to keep your customers in the loop about what you’re doing. I’m able to spend those hours on the phone and working email so you don’t have to.

I’m a great writer and I am able to write you outlines of scripts for you to have content to talk about on the show.

I have an associates degree and I am currently working towards a bachelors of science in computer sciences. My expected graduation date is 2023. I am learning to code and plan to learn how to code with blockchain technology long before I graduate.

I am also a cryptocurrency miner and investor.

I hope you find the best people for your team to enhance your channel.

LinkedIn profile link available via private message.


Hi Vosk! I follow your content and your real informative and don’t sound like all these crypto gurus out here trying to scam. I’d like to get on a zoom or Skype with you. I have a few crypto coins saved in Coinbase. I’d love to pay you for your time to show me hands on , on my laptop how to set everything up. I’ll pay you $100 for your time to show me. I’m so intrigued I’ll even fly to you to help me set everything up and automate so my laptop makes me passive income. I’ll even give you monthly payments of $300 after you help set me up for passive income. I’ll give you a slice of the profit from the actual passive income. Please get back to me. I don’t want to miss out on this. Your a smart dude and I love $. Let’s work something out.

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Theres a new site (up since 1 month I think). Site isnt done yet as it says it starts in 30 days but you might want to check out for help. No reports on if theyre good or not but seems they want to help with hardware and miners.


Will work for food and housing

Will work for a BOBCAT Miner 300! Can Send a resume! Linked in!