International Orders Miners China - Help


I was lucky to get 4 LB1 miners from Goldshell between me and my wife / brothers sisters. I have the Fedex, but I’m worried that I need to pay tariffs taxes, do something else to make sure the order goes through. Does anyone else know that if there’s anything else I need to do with LB1 miners from Goldshell or is everything fine and eventually it will show up? Again, just heard that miners were being charged tariffs, fees etc. from international and just want to make sure these 4 miners show up. The Fedex tracking on all 4 just shows “label created.”



I’m not sure where you’re located, but I live in New Jersey and received 3 LB1s to my home, with no extra charge. I didn’t get charged by customs. Mine were shipped with DHL though.

I think it depends on the country of destination. Most of the times if they ship to the US they get to your home with no issues. In other counties, I’ve heard you have to pay import tax or other customs duty tax.

How much does this miner cost

The miner was $899.00

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Well that’s good news. I think i’ll be fine. I just never ordered directly from China and just worried it won’t show up. Man I should have used DHL.

Whats it making a day usd?