Internet Issues/Hashrate discrepency

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a router. I have been using the one that my internet provider has provided me however I think I have narrowed it down because my google home has been disconnecting, and the hash rate has been dropping pretty significantly. Is it normal to log into the antminer and see a normal hash rate and then go to your mining pool and see it mining at 60% of what the miner says its hashing at? Also I’ll ask again. Any router recommendations?

Orbi WiFi 6 mesh system. It’s pricey, but keeps up with our household better than anything we’ve used before.

Seeing the hashrate at 60% is definitely not normal. Inconsistent wifi could be the culprit.

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I forgot to post the whole scenario. I have co-ax cable that goes to my router. Does that router support co-ax? I couldn’t see it in the item description.

so you might have a modem and router all in one. you can use that as a modem and this as your router. if you put one of the extenders by the miners it’s really easy to hardline it for a more stable connection as well.

Are you on a cable connection? Very rare over here, but I’ve seen them here and it’s much like out fibre. You have a reouter from the telco providing the infrastructure that is pretty much just doing media conversion to RJ45, then the ISP router on that going to your house. Or in your case, the Google home could be acting like an ISP’s router already. My experience with them so far has been less good than pretty much any other mesh system I’ve seen.
If that was your situation, then the coax stays in the infrasturcture router and you change out the ISP router behind it.
Probably best you tell us what your connection is and what is the model of router you have there now you want to change.

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Yeah for some reason that is the method of delivery that my internet provider has chosen. I have cable/coaxial cables that go to my router. I don’t have two which you are referring. I don’t know maybe my router is a 2 in 1? It is an Arris Model TG2472G. The Hashrate is extremely inconsistent. For my KA3 it will be in the 140’s then jump up into the 170’s and then be in the 150’s. It stays pretty consistently in the 150’s.
A little more information. I tried trouble shooting with the dxpool customer support and when I ping the website from my computer it doesn’t get a return. The weird thing is that it is hashing, so I guess I don’t completely understand what is going on. If I’m not getting a return ping, then how is my miner hashing?