Internet on the Vosk Solar Farm/Property

Howdy everyone,

Avid viewer of the channel here, I’ve been meaning to join and the recent video covering the new property and the $40,000 bill for internet was the catalyst.

Of course I tried commenting on the video, but that’s just full of scammers. My question is simply this, is the property relatively flat/line of sight from the road? Seems like it would be a simple way to solve the problem. I do quite a bit in the networking space and just thought it may be a way to help.

It certainly should be, location is Fredericksburg Va. @VoskCoin . Who told you 40k Drew? There are Vosk community people that may have leverage with Fios. And there’s a member boasting 40m+ with WISP or 4/5g with dual antenna set-ups. Can you give us some insight as to what providers are in the area??

Have you thought of something like a point to point system so you can just have the internet at the road? Ubiquiti has some really good stuff that isn’t that expensive and might be worth looking into.