Internet speeds needed for ASIC miners

I just ordered my first ASIC miner, a CK5, and I’m getting my shop ready for its arrival. While it is not out of the question to run cat6 cable from the router to where the miner will be, it would be a pain requiring holes in at least one wall. My shop already has a wifi extender in it that has an ethernet port. I just ran a speed test and it is getting 35mbps download and 10mbps upload on my phone standing next to the extender. Are these speeds acceptable for an ASIC miner?

Those speeds will work fine as long as is a reliable connection, meaning it’s not crappy service like DSL or something that’s prone to area issues. Where I live AT&T has horrible service, lol

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YEP ASLONG AS IT IS A STABLE CONNECTION, youll be fine… what u dont want, is being on wifi, and constant loss of signal/connection


Thanks @Master3004 and @RetroParc !

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I am now running one ck5 and a ckbox and I have dsl. My download speeds are 5mbps and upload .5mbps. It seems to be doing fine.

Does anybody mine using hughesnet or viasat? I am wondering if it would be reliable enough. Starlink isn’t available here

But, at an average , if you’re mining on your own, you will need a bandwidth speed of 15kbps for inbound transactions and 12kbps for outgoing …


*** US Robotics 56K enters the chat ***


9600 bps/14.4 use to be blaaaaazin fast. like WOW i can find stuff on a INTERWEB loooool

Crypto now reminds me of the early days of the internet. Hard to use and pretty limited overall, but infinite possibilities.

I love broadband, but there was something special about dial-up and the very early days of broadband that isn’t quite matched today. Everything is so corporate and mature.

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I can remember waiting 5 minutes for a nude picture to download onto the computer screen, hoping nobody picks up the house phone and interrupts my internet connection :joy: