Intro to the community

Hey Drew and all, whats going on

Saw your post so thought I’d put an intro out to potentially be part of the team!

Little backstory* I’ve been in graphic and website design since before crypto existed. Long, long ago I would earn passive income running thumb gallery posts and affiliate programs while I was sitting in class and would get out of school, come home and see I made over five hundred bucks for the day for example. So the passive income game has always been in my repertoire. [This was when five hundred dollars was todays equivalent of a thousand in purchasing power probably]

Anyway, since then I’ve been able to make full brands and have done many entrepreneurial excursions; From branding myself in real estate to starting a unique vape company when it was a new industry. Along with a ton of other ventures with friends. I’ve been commissioned and paid in crypto in some cases to design brands for discord servers and other social media. Currently a field engineer and supervisor that builds multi million dollar buildings and on the technology team at a multi million dollar construction company with the task of bringing new technology to assist this company in growth and streamlining services and infrastructure. I don’t know how that could not translate to being helpful in any community where the same skills are applied such as this one. I can bring a keen eye for tight style and a shrewd instinct for trends to the table. Recently I was in talks to potentially join and was accepted to the USSF [United States Space Force] which involves all of the highest technology jobs of course and trust their recruitment scrutinizes every aspect of ones character.

I’ve been on here enough to see you take your community seriously and its really one of the only communities I feel can be trusted vs. all the spam out here. You’re doing an amazing job.

There are actually a couple of small things in your community that drive the ocd crazy and I’d gladly fix these things for nothing more than to be part of the team and grow with you guys.

Would love to help make this the best crypto community in existence!


Could you elaborate on these things?

Love your background btw, thanks for sharing all of that information above as well as the kind words.

I’m definitely interested, what would you be looking for in return?

Hey whats up
Just to start one of the first things is simple enough. Just making your logo here on this site stand out on the dark background.
I guess while we are on the topic of media …had an idea for a neat looking voskcoin that could be used as part of your brand (sort of how btc has their coin with the circuitry and eth coin etc. With ‘coin’ in your name it can definitely be worked into a catchy looking icon that gets the idea across with less words and is very recognizable.
These kinds of things stick in peoples minds. . can’t hurt right*

I appreciate the content and and the community you created by having some class and style.

You put out the request so I was wondering if there are specific things you need help with within your organization or whats going on really.

And to answer your question, maybe friendship and trust to start. I make good money professionally so its not about the money as much as about being involved in the crypto world. Maybe if something is actual work and time consuming we could work it out as friends ya know?

Throw me your ideas or whatever if you want. Not sure what you have in mind.


I guess a more simple way to put it is just to earn a seat at the table. Not looking for money specifically.