Ipollo G1 mini - changing loud fan video tutorial

I just wanted to post a video of how I change loud fan on one of my Ipollo G1 mini.

So I bough 3 g1 minis in total from asicminershub.com and one of them started to sound different after some time and the noise started to increase when it became unbearable in the flat. So I contacted them and they been great with support, contacted manufacturer after I’ve sent them a video of noise. Manufacturer asked me if I’m alright to change the fan myself without voiding the warranty. So I said yes and within a week or so spare fan arrived.

I took a video as an evidence and willing to share it with you so it might be helpful if anyone has same issue. As you have seen it took 5 minutes in total.
Happy to answer questions if you have any.

What is the make and model of the replacement fan and where did you order them from?