iPollo G1 Mini HELP!

Hello everyone I’m making this post because i’m interested in purchasing 2 G1 Mini miners from iPollo. I went on their twitter @iPolloGlobal and they retweeted a tweet from this company called NHash.net saying they have G1 Mini miners in stock and ready for shipping. Are they the official seller for this miner and has anyone ordered from them? I’m just a little nervous because I don’t wanna lose my money. Please help!

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Can someone please answer that question, thnx.
Or maybe have you found anything since your last post?

If you can find ipollo buy direct. Most other reseller sell used ones. Interface system is glitchy even when working. If your sending and receiving and see lights, your up and running. It just won’t show it until 24 hours sometimes. Use google translate to setup goblin pool mine directly to hotbit. Profits are good for what it is. It’s loader then the mini doge. Definitely get a mini over the ipollo if it’s your first miner. Remember some of these things come directly from China you might need a universal power plug. Good luck! prices have been high on miners + shipping.