iPollo is building the BEST grincoin GRIN miners -- Where to buy iPollo miners?

I would be interested in a G1 mini! Thank you!! keep up the great work!

interested as well

i would like to purchase

Hell yeah I want one!

this link its real for buy ipollo g1??

Looks too good to be true, especially since the price on iPollo’s own site is higher…

Sign me up for 1 Mini

Lets reverse engineer them and produce our own. im sure once we start we would have funding getting thrown at us from all directions.

it may sound a little bit jokey, but im 1000% with it and want to be a part of it if anybody realy starts to put it together. for myself right now i have NO funds, and run doordash on a longboard.

interested to buy one G1

I would be down for at least 1.

I’m interested in two units. I’m based in the UK.

I would like 3 of these

I would buy some of these minis. I am in Germany. :wink:

Cert on the website is legid, but they only accept payment in BTC, thus risk no recourse to recover anything if they don’t ship it. I just placed an order but have not paid yet, will see what kind of email/reminder I will receive to decipher if this is fake or not

I am also interested of buying - my first guess would be 2 minis. Count on me, keep me posted. Ty.

I want one or two

so what is the out the door buy in price?

I would like one also.