iPollo V mini ETH Miner

So I was browsing into the iPollo website to see if I can still purchase the Mini Grincoin Miner from them even if I have to wait 100 years lol

and I happened to stumble into an even better deal!

The iPollo V mini ETH Miner, however, on their website it only says that its coming soon…

These are the specs:

Product parameter

Hashrate(GH/s) 0.3
Consumption 190
Hashrate consumption ratio(WM/H) 0.639
Encryption algorithm/token Ethash/ETH

It does not show pricing, only that its coming soon, and a link to pre-purchase…

This is the URL where I got this from:

Does anyone have ever heard of the upcoming iPollo V mini, and if its still worth getting, considering that ETH 2.0 is right around the corner, and with the London Hard Fork/EIP-1559 already being implemented?

Hey Vosk, just joined the forum. Long time youtube fan! Bought your special edition mini D this last time around and love it! I’ll attach pic!

The Ipollo website is allowing signups for preorder for V, V mini, G1, G1 mini, B1.

I signed up for purchase of a few and will update when I recieve an email!