iPollo V1 ETH Miner is coming?Really?

Just saw new arrival-iPollo ETH Miner in POWPOWER and see the running statstics on their telegram(Telegram: Contact @powpower_English)also see it’s “Coming soon” on iPollo Official. That is really is a big guy.

Will you buy it? cuz i’m thinking of it.
Leave your comments plz.

I wouldn’t touch them for the simple fact that ALL IPOLLO have 3.6Gb ram. Basically they’ll be good for 2 years and then become a paperweight.

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I Guess your worry last long time cuz the new ipollo V ETH Miner is 6GB RAM

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Nice!! It’s about time someone over there woke up. 3.6 GB is just last decades tech. Thanks for the update Sharlok✌🏼

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Still not worth the money!! Too much risk and not enough rewards!!

From my calculation, the ROI of them are all below 330 days…That awesome…because its’s based on the present ETH price, but what if it goes back to 3000 or even 4000…? That’s massive.Then will under 250 days even less…what a beast!

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Had nothing but problems with a ipollo G mini, their software system is a joke, one of the most difficult ‘asic’ miners I’ve set up to date and even then it wouldn’t remain online and or consistent and with only one pool for the Grin network, it was frustrating. Eth is moving to POS and with this market they will be pushing hard to hold the value of the token by encouraging staking, be careful!

You must be using Eth the whole 330 days then and we all know it’s good till the end of summer then your earnings will disappear!!
If it even lasts that long.
ETH classic, yeah maybe, if it pumps 5xx-10xx from here to make it feasible with all the added hashrate that’s about to ensue with all the GPUs coming aboard.
Good luck to you if you buy one, I seriously do mean that, but for me no way. Won’t even list them on my site!!

That’a good point that’s why i bought ETC Miner first! but your view not all right. I heard of that merge or ETH2.0 thing two years ago like these days. Back to reality,mining is always a risky thing only afew people could get profit on it.