Ipollo v1 mini se plus Half Hashrate

Hello to all respected members of this community. I am new here and my English is not so good, so before anything please accept my apology, if I say something wrong. I am a new ASIC miner and I am from India. There is almost no help available for us out here. So I feel like this is one of the very few trusted place that I can seek help. As my title says I bought a Ipollo V1 mini Se plus model back on April 2023. It was running smoothly. But suddenly today, that is October 2nd I am noticing that it is giving exactly the half hashrate than normal. I could not figure out the problem. I reset it, restart it, flashed the latest bios. Nothing is doing anything. So I ask the fellow veteran miners of this community, will you guys please help me out with this process. I will be forever thankful. As an Indian buying a miner and giving import duty all total is like buying a car or a house. So this impacts me lot. Sorry for the frustrated rant. Good day to you all. And hoping for the helping hand of this community.

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I have the same problem.
v1 mini se plus
it was working fine untill i update firmware and then i only get 200 mega hash instead of 400.
if i down grade to firmware v0.78.106 it works perfectly i get 400 mega hash.
but any newer firmware and i have tried them all. I only get 200 mega hash.
did you find any answer to this problem?