iPollo V1 Mini SE PLUS - Inconsistent Fan Speed

Happy Friday folks!

I just got a new iPollo V1 Mini SE PLUS and started mining with it. Right of the bat, I noticed the fan speed gets faster (therefore louder), and slower (quieter) as if it is getting some version upgrades or some. I have 2 other iPollos (not the Plus version) and never had this issue before. From a quick take look of everything, it is drawing about 270W and hash rate is at 440MHs.

Is this normal? Or should I be concerned and perhaps start tweaking settings etc?

Any tips & recommendations would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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ipollo’s tend to ramp their fans up and down in a very annoying way. You can go to the fan settings and contrain the range it operates in - but I just moved them all out to the shed. When I fixed the fan speed they had to be too loud to stay cool. They stopped hashing when I had them too low.


Thank you for sharing @eeknz. I ended up tinkering with the fan settings too but still not quite enough so I’m going to move it to my garage. I also did notice that if I lower the fan speed but the hash rate significantly dropped.