Is 3000 RPM Fan Sufficient? Newb question...I know

Hey guys. About to buy some fans for my first build and I’m curious if 3000 RPM will be sufficient. I also saw ones for 4500 RPM, or is that overkill?

I was planning on cooling 6 RTX 3080s, using 5 fans (1 between each GPU). I appreciate any advice you guys can give me. Thanks in advance!

3000 Rpm fans are at the upper range of comfort and beginning to get LOUD. Anything faster than that is literally screaming. High rpm fans work well in server cases where the fans are 80mm or so. For 140mm fans 3000rpm or less in an open frame case is good. 1800rpm is as low as you want to go. At and below 1800 and you aren’t moving any air and 3000 rpm is getting pretty loud.

Okay thanks. I ordered 5300 RPM fans lol :man_facepalming: but they are 4-wire fans with PWM. Maybe I can just turn them down some or I could just return them too. Thanks Dollyshunk!

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I like the Noctua industrial 3000 rpm 3 phase fans with 4 wire PWM. They are on a fan curve so run quietly most of the time. Should I put my foot in it and heat the processor, they definitely kick up the rpm and cooling without constant annoying noise.

Good Luck.